How to Take Care of Your Metal Detector

Nowadays, you would see people use many high-tech devices to make their life comfortable. In fact, these modern devices have made life so easy that you can comfortably relax at your home or any other place. With that being said, there is an abundance of modern devices, making our life convenient for various household appliances. In that regard, taking proper care of these devices is necessary because, without appropriate maintenance, they would break down.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about how you can take care of your metal detector at home. Yes! We have chosen the metal detector because, with this device, you can search valuable things smoothly. Let’s have a peek at the article.

How to take care of your metal detector?

How to Take Care of Your Metal DetectorThe very first thing you should know is a metal detector is an outdoor device. You just cannot use it indoor such as at home as the household appliances will influence the search mechanism of the device. In addition, if you keep using the metal detector at indoor, the chances are that the accessories in the metal detector can be destroyed immediately.

As you know cleaning any device is significant, therefore, you must clean your metal detector properly. When you are searching for valuable objects at the beach, there is a chance that your metal detector would catch up sand. Alarmingly, these sands would be hidden inside the device. On top of that, if you are hunting in the woods, the device could catch up leaves or hidden insects. These sands, leaves, and insects can do harm to your metal detector to good effect.

In fact, the accumulated dirt and fine particles at the bottom of your device would make it vulnerable to various malfunction. In that case, you have to remove these elements from the device. To do that you must clean the main unit of the device with hot water, which is less than 40 degrees centigrade. You should also use a mild detergent with a non-abrasive cloth. Moreover, the conveyor belt of the device should be cleaned gently with a plastic brush and a neutral detergent mix.

How to Take Care of Your Metal DetectorThe next thing you would do is to protect the search coil. Remember that the search coil is the main component of a metal detector, which allows you to search better. In that sense, the best way to protect it is to cover it up with search coil covers. These covers are made up of plastics and they won’t interfere with the detection signal. Even these covers are inexpensive as well. As a whole, the covers will prolong the lifespan of the metal detector.

The last significant thing you must do to take care of your metal detector is to store it in a better way. Note that metal detectors function better when you keep it in a normal temperature environment. If you store it in a place where there is extreme temperature, the lifespan of the device could be shorter than the usual time. Additionally, you must remove the batteries from the device to ensure you can avoid any corrosion or leak within the device.

Some bonus tips for taking care of the metal detector

  1. Before using the device, you should follow the user manual.
  2. You should consider having a long warranty or you can buy a metal detector with a lifetime warranty.
  3. You must keep the metal detector in a case or box for storage.
  4. You can make a hood with a cardboard and duct tape and protect the monitor, the toggle switches, and the battery access cover.
  5. You should frequently check the coil and headset wires of the device and protect the copper prongs at the wire ends.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is when using a metal detector be sure to read the instructions manual carefully and take utmost care of the device. In this way, you could use a metal detector for a long time. Let us know if you have liked our tips by commenting below.