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Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2018
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5 Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2018

If you are looking to make your home smarter, then you have come at the right place. While it may sound boastful, but the number of smart home products available to us have increased dramatically. You can easily control the lighting, thermostat, the crockpot using the smartphone. It is as intriguing as you have loads of alternatives at your hand today. You can pick any smart home products or you can just buy an entire smart home system for your house. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the five best smartphone gadgets of 2018, which you can buy. Let’s have a quick look at the article.

  1. Smart Speaker

    Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2018This second generation Echo is one of the attractive smart speakers in the world with small and intuitive design. You can change the skin of the speakers easily to match your house’s design. What’s more, you can connect this speaker to a lot of things including smart home hubs, audiobooks, weather forecast device, and many more. You can buy products online using your voice as well.

  2. Security Camera

    Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2018This security camera is what you need for your home because it features the Arlo Q’s 1080p camera. With this camera, you will have excellent quality video both on day and nighttime. It also includes a motion detection feature with a flexible scheduling option. The best thing about this device is you will have one week’s video for free.

  3. Smart Thermostat

    Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2018Our best thermostat is the Ecobee4. It has everything needed to become the smartest home products. With slick touchscreen interface and a remote sensor, the device will make sure the rooms are heated or cooled properly. Moreover, the device features the latest version of Alexa. In that case, you don’t need an Echo or Echo Dot to control other smart home devices.

  4. Light Bulb

    Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2018The Phillips Hue is our best light bulb as it features outstanding bulbs (two) with a hub to connect to other devices. You may not be able to change the bulbs but you can definitely change the brightness of them (up to 800 lumens). You can also add up to 50 to a single bulb as well. The bulb works great with various smart home systems including Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, and Nest.

  5. Video Doorbell

    Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2018The last smart home gadget on our list is the HindSense Video Doorbell. Featuring a couple of seconds of video before any motion is detected. Therefore, you are more likely to capture any usable image. The footage on the device is clear with spotlight feature will illuminate the person who is coming through the door at night. The doorbell looks like a traditional doorbell and this is why many people won’t know how to press it. However, the device will mashup with the best smart home systems smoothly.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all these five smart home products are the best gadgets available on the market. Still, if you have any recommendation, be sure to add them in the comment section.

Tips and Hacks for Your Next Beach Trip
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Tips and Hacks for Your Next Beach Trip

If you are planning to spend some time on the beach, you should know there are some things you must consider. The thing is if you prepare yourself for the beach, you are most likely to enjoy the beach time perfectly. Therefore, in this article, we are going to shed some light on this topic by sharing the tips and hacks for your next beach trip. Let’s move forward and read the article carefully.

Tips and Hacks for Your Next Beach TripBest tips and hacks for your next beach trip

  1. Use a mesh tote bag or sand free beach bag for carrying stuffs that are necessary when you are finally at the beach. Place it anywhere and enjoy your time, just don’t forget to shake it a bit before leaving the beach so sand could be removed. Don’t let the insects around the beachside ruin your trip heading without a bug spray.
  2. Your key ring should include a flotation device along with the keys so if you accidentally drop them in the ocean it does not give you trouble to find them to avoid unexpected natural circumstances start your journey with some knowledge on rip current by looking for a break in the incoming wave pattern, a line of debris, seaweed or foam steadily moving seaward, a channel of choppy, churning water or a notable difference in water color in a specific area.
  3. Tips and Hacks for Your Next Beach TripYou should also know how to get out of rip current. Despite swimming with lifeguard protection and following all instructions of the beach authority if you still encounter with rip current don’t fight the current. Stay calm and start swimming parallel to shore and then toward the shoreline when you successfully avoid the current. If you can’t swim at that time just try to float and wave your hand asking for help.
  4. You should carry some plastic or reusable bags to collect your trash during your beach time so you can easily throw them into a bin. Additionally, you must pack your lunch into small containers separately so you don’t lose all your food if you find them falling into the sand. If you have a soft-bristled dust broom with you will leave no sand in your body, clothes and footwear on your way back home.
  5. Make sure you have some cupcake liners to catch drips from popsicles. Placing them over your drink will keep it safe from bug and sand. To avoid medical emergency during your holiday, don’t let your all focus on trip preparation forget to have important medications that you and your family need.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is when you go to a beach, it will make your feet dry and gross. Try some Vaseline or lotion to make sure your feet are in good shape. Also, be sure to wear socks that won’t make your feet dry. If you have liked our tips for the beach trip, feel free to add your comment below.